Tried & True Kids' Toys

My kids have way too many toys. I think they probably play with about 32.3% of them. Lately I’ve been putting them in tubs and hiding them away in a closet and they don’t seem to notice. Anyways, in my short time as a Mom (4.5 years) there are a few toys that have been tried and true hits with all three kids and I thought I’d share them here with you. If it’s a hit with all 3 of my kids then it’s a good chance it’s a toy success.

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The Cozy Coupe

My oldest daughter started playing with one of these at a birthday party around the time she was turning one. My Mom went out and got her one and it’s one of the most played with toys we have. All 3 of my kids go crazy for this over priced piece of bright plastic with wheels. It’s been driven around, pushed around, washed in a car wash, colored on with chalk and used to run over siblings with. It’s a hit and we like it so much I got one for my niece when she turned one. It’s a must have toy by our standards.

Shopping Cart

Everyone knows the importance of a good quality shopping cart. Admit it- there are some stores that just have shitty carts and there’s nothing worse than getting half way across the produce section and realizing you’ve got a bum wheel on your cart. This shopping cart is high quality and the sticker price might seem like a shock for a child’s shopping cart but I can tell you this is a high quality toy that all 3 of my kids enjoy playing with. I don’t think they’ve actually ever used it to pretend to grocery shop- most of the time it’s used to just carry more toys or ram the dogs with, but they love it and it’s held up the test of time.

Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets

Okay- so I got these blankets as shower gifts and I thought great I’ll wrap my babies up like burritos, they’ll love it and it will be super cute to look at a sleepy burrito. Turns out all 3 my kids busted out of these things so fast, but then as they got older they turned into a security thing for each of them. They all 3 call them different things (My oldest calls hers a ‘Bear D’, my middle kid calls them his ‘DDs’ and the baby hasn’t decided yet what to call hers). We love these blanket and they’ve been a must have with us every time we leave the house each of our kids has one.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

I could sing every song that this thing pumps out. This push toy is great for helping turn your kids from drunken sailor to runway model walkers in no time.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Kitchen Activity Center

First of all can we talk about how you get a job where you make up the songs for toys? Seriously, where do they come up with some of these jingles? This toy has some of the best songs that will get in your head but you won’t be mad. All 3 of my kids about the time they were 1 started to really enjoy this toy and they all did a cute little baby dance every time they’d push a button and the kitchen would sing.

What are some of your must have toys in your house?