Itchy, Itchy, Itchy


This little lady has had eczema since she was teeny tiny and I might hear the phrase, “I’m itchy” about 63 times a day. It’s heartbreaking, because there isn’t a whole lot we can do. She has seen multiple doctors and tried every cream under the sun. Each time we slap a cream on her there are screams and tears (sometimes from both of us). I am a skeptic of anything saying it’s going to help, because we’ve tried so many things with little results. We’ve been allergy tested, used steroids, pumped prescription foams, and bought anything the pharmacy sells for eczema. On a whim I had a friend selling BeautyCounter and I gave it a shot. With kids I feel like you’ve got to really be one hell of a salesman sometimes and so when I received the Baby Daily Protective Balm in the mail I told Raegan every WHITE lie under the sun to get her to be okay with me slathering it on her. I told her it was the magical balm every mermaids in the sea uses, I told her it has gems crushed in it to make her shine, I told her sometimes unicorns put it on their booties to make them glow. Judge away, it worked. She let me put it on her and to my extreme shock she didn’t mind it. Not only did she not mind it she requested more. I was blown away.

Eventually with a consistent application of the balm some of Raegan’s spots began to heal. Of course Eczema is a constant battle and requires staying on top of it. Nothing will really heal Raegan’s eczema but any little thing that helps, is a life saver in my book! I signed up to as a BeautyCounter rep because I was a believer. I’m a big fan of most of their products and have recommended the baby products to any Mom I know. The entire baby line is so easy on all my kids’ skin. I also have the diaper cream near by every diaper changing station in my house.

I’m also a huge devotee to their other products from skin care to makeup I’ve tried most all and I can tell you I’ve been very pleased with majority of the BeautyCounter products I’ve had the pleasure to experiment with. Below are a few of my all time favorites.

Anything that successfully helps Raegan and allows me not to hear the “itchy, itchy, itchy” whine on an hourly basis I can get behind and that’s why I’ve jumped all in on BeautyCounter and encourage you to give it a shot for you and your kids!