I discovered BeautyCounter awhile back and realized they had safe products that were effective in treating my daughter’s severe eczema. From there I fell in love with their sunscreen and eventually decided it made since for me to sign on as a consultant. I signed up with not a real intention to sell, but an intention to get the discount and possibly share BeautyCounter with those I love. Today I wanted to share with all of you the smoking deal that is going on if you too wanted to sign up as a consultant. The usually $98 consultant fee is being cut in half until March 7th! You do have to purchase a starter kit as well along with the consultant fee, but the starter kits are awesome and they are heavily discounted products so that’s a win! If you sign up then you can get 25% off and up to 35% in commission for sales you make .You have 6 months to meet a sales minimum around $1,200 but that includes your purchases. I didn’t hit that my first month, but was able to buy back in as a consultant for a low fee. I love the mission of BeautyCounter and how safe the products are. If you’re somewhat interested in their products and want a great discount- it’s a perfect time to sign up. Shoot my an e-mail and I’d be happy to help. Below are a few of my favorite products-


Baby Balm, Baby Oil and Baby Diaper Cream

Here are the starter kits if you’re interested in signing up to be a consultant!