Embrace You

I truly believe that someone usually judges someone only for their own benefit. They’re really not judging someone because they give a flying f*$k about that person’s new hair or how they feed their kids. Really the reason for the judging is to make the judger feel better about themselves. I’m absolutely no expert on the subject (or many subjects for that matter), but I’ve been thinking about this often. I saw someone the other day post a powerful message on social media about how women don’t need to get fillers, plump their lips, stuff their tits, etc, etc. At first I thought, yeah-love yourself the way you are, but then quickly thought, no- who the hell cares if someone wants to dye their hair, tuck their tummy, never wear makeup or tattoo their makeup on permanently. If it makes that person happy and it’s not harming anyone else, then do it.

It’s so hard to be happy. What a weird statement to make- it’s hard to be happy, but it’s true. Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes and a lot of happiness seems to be centered around how we feel about ourselves (arguably not everyone feels this way, but majority- yes).

Embrace happy, embrace yourself and however you choose to be happy with yourself shouldn’t be an issue to anyone else. Of course it always will, but it shouldn’t. Be you however you want to be and grasp that sense of yourself. Never mind how someone judges you, that has absolutely nothing to do with you anyways.